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III. Recognition of the construction site manager authorization obtained in another eu or SEE member state


Application for registration in the Register of authorized site managers


      According to the provisions of art. 11 paragraph (1) of the Procedure for authorizing the site managers, approved by the Order of the MDRT no. 1496/2011, with the subsequent modifications and completions, the Romanian citizens or the citizens of another EU member state or S.E.E, established in Romania territory, which have been authorized to carry out activity of site management by an act of authority - authorization or equivalent document -, issued by the competent authorities recognized in those states, in order to carry out the activity of site management on the territory of Romania, in the field of authorization inscribed on the document attesting the quality of site manager, they will request to be registered in the Register of authorized site managers.
      In order to register, according to the provisions of par. (2) of the same article, the applicant will submit to the I.S.C., through the postal, electronic service or through the electronic PCU, the following documents drafted in Romanian or translated into Romanian:
a) application for registration in the register;
b) copy of the authorization or equivalent document obtained in the U.E. or S.E.E .;
c) copy of the identity card or proof of citizenship of one of the states of the U.E. or S.E.E.
d) statement on his own responsibility that he is not prohibited the right to practice the site management activity in other Member States;
e) agreement for processing personal data - Site managers.


      In the event of a change in the documents submitted, the applicant will notify ISC for the changes.


      The documents will be sent to the ISC, through the postal service at the address ISC - Str. C.F. Robescu no. 23, sector 3 Bucharest, electronic at isc@isc.gov.ro or through the electronic PCU at http://www.edirect.e-guvernare.ro.


      According to the provisions of art. 11 paragraph (7) of the procedure, if it is necessary to verify the legality of some of the documents mentioned above, I.S.C. contact the competent authorities in the member states of the U.E. or S.E.E., through the Internal Market Information System (IMI).


      After registration in the Register of authorized site managers, ISC, within 30 days of registration, sends to the applicant a communication attesting to this fact and which will allow them to exercise the activity of site manager in Romania, for the domain / areas / sub-domain / the sub-domains in which they were authorized.